Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Discounted 13-14 V-Tail splitboards available.

Photo: We have a few remaining 2013/14 ski and splitboard models available on our website for 40% off, including the 190cm V-Tail pictured here, unless Jake claims it first.


We have a few remaining 2013/14 ski and splitboard models available on our website for 40% off, including the 190cm V-Tail pictured here, unless Jake claims it first.


Friday, March 21, 2014


Look what came into the shop today!.... No big deal, it's just the first Voilé ski ever made! Pressed sometime around 1994, at the Evolution Ski company in Salt Lake City. It was first called the Wasatch Fat, which later became the Tele Surf. It was 185cm tall: 117mm in the tip, 95mm at the waist and 110mm at the tail. At the time of pressing, it was on the cutting edge of ski design. It was short, fat, had a bit of side-cut and was light for it's day (8lbs 11oz per pair). Compared to our current line up of skis, it would be the narrowest and the heaviest, but for it's time it was a pretty big deal.

And what's that sitting next to it, on the right, you ask? Well, that's the first ever split board taken to SIA tradeshow. Around the same time that the Wasatch Fat was being made, Voilé was developing and securing patents of the world's first commercially viable splitboard intereface. This Hooger Booger splitty was the one and only splitboard on the showroom floor, and it's reception was less than warm. We were laughed at for our foolishness. No one could seem to understand the desire to have a snowboard that acted as skis. Fortunately for us, Wally and Cowboy were unfazed by this criticism and continued to pursue their passion for unadulterated powder.

The word innovation gets tossed around a lot these days in the winter sports industry, but rarely is it true. We'd like to think we have two, pretty significant, innovations right here. What do you think? What were you riding back in 94?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Voile and Powder Keg to host 2014 Ski Mountaineering North American Championships and Vertfest.

Voile and the Wasatch Powder Keg are excited to announce that not only will they be hosting this year’s North American Ski Mountaineering Championships, but will also be partnering with the Utah Avalanche Center and Outdoor Research to bring the Vertfest to Utah for 2014.

The 12th annual Wasatch Powder Keg backcountry race will be held on March 7, 8, and 9 at Brighton Ski Resort. A test of speed, strength, and endurance for any backcountry skier, the 2014 Powder Keg will once again feature 3 different races, allowing racers to have the option of doing any individual race or all 3 races. The Powder Keg will also be hosting the North American Ski Mountaineering Championships, meaning that each race will crown a North American Champion for each of the 3 races.

The Keg starts off Friday afternoon with the sprint race, the ultimate test of a racer’s speed while climbing (~300 vertical feet). All racers race singly, with the top 12 qualifying for the semi-finals, held ‘ski-cross’ style (6 racers at a time). The top 6 from the semi-finals will compete in the finals to determine the overall winner. With categories for both men and women, head-to-head competition, and the entire race taking place within view of Milly Chalet, the Sprint Race is sure to be a nail biter.

Saturday is the traditional Powder Keg Individual Race. The Elite and Heavy Metal divisions will cover 11 miles with 5 climbs for a little over 6,000’ of punishment, while the Recreational division will cover 6.5 miles with 4 climbs for 3,500’ of vert. Any racer with a ski/binding weight of 1,450g (51 oz.) or less must race the Race division. And of course all divisions will have categories for both men and women.

Sunday will be the Technical Teams Race (teams of 2). The course will have 6 climbs and over 9,000’ of climbing.  The highlight of the course will be the fixed ropes climbing up and traversing Mt Millicent.  Racers will be required to work as a team to complete the course and incorporate mountaineering skills to ascend and traverse the roped section.

On Friday, food will be available at the Milly Chalet between the Sprint Race and pre-race meeting. A BBQ, awards ceremony, and raffle will follow the Saturday and Sunday races at the Milly Chalet.  For more details visit www.wasatchpowderkeg.com.

Vertfest is a weekend-long festival of backcountry and sidecountry skiing and riding, combining a ski mountaineering race, backcountry and sidecountry skills clinics, gear demos, music, and celebration of the beyond the rope-line community. Vertfest began in the Cascade Mountains of Washington 7 years ago with the support of Outdoor Research, and has grown into a 3-event tour this year, coming to Alpental, Washington, Mt. Bachelor, Oregon, and Brighton, Utah.

Vertfest will feature
·  2 days of free gear demos
·  Half- and full-day clinics on topics such as steep skiing, splitboarding, efficient backcountry travel techniques, mountaineering skills for backcountry riders, ski photography, and avalanche travel and rescue skills

Both days will feature an award ceremony and opportunity drawing, while Saturday will also feature a live bad and outdoor BBQ.

For more information visit:
·  www.wasatchpowderkeg.com
·  www.vertfest.com

For video information:
·      Ski Mountaineering: http://vimeo.com/80730617
·      Vertfest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ZefG6DwikJA

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Voilé sends house band on whirlwind tour of the West Coast.


Voilé sends house band on whirlwind tour of the West Coast.

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – December 4, 2013

From Colorado to New Mexico to Valdez, Voilé Manufacturing’s official house band, Salem, is traveling the west to promote good vibes, great powder, and Voilé skis, splitboards, bindings, and avalanche safety equipment.

Led by lead vocalist and drummer, Todd Anders Johnson, Salem will be bringing its original blend of hip-hop, jazz, and neo-soul to the bars, saloons, and breweries of skis towns all over the western U.S. and Canada. Along the way, they will also be attending (and entertaining) several festivals, trade shows, and events, including the Outdoor Retailer convention in Salt Lake, SIA convention in Denver, Canuck Splitfest at Roger’s Pass, and the epic Tailgate Alaska backcountry festival in Valdez, Alaska.

With Salem’s help and a slew of award-winning backcountry skis and splitboards, including the 2014 Editor’s Choice for the V8 skis, this season promises to be the biggest ever for Voilé.

Tour dates and locations below. Download the free Voile/Salem track "Mountains in you"!

Voilé/Salem tour dates and locations:

Free song download of Voilé/Salem track – “Mountains in you”:

YouTube – “Mountains in you”:

For more information, contact:

David Grissom
(801) 973-8622

Todd Anders Johnson
(970) 485-3312

Friday, March 8, 2013

Voile's new mobile optimized web site.

Please check out our new fully functional mobile optimized web site. Not just a truncated version of the desktop site, Voile's new mobile site maintains 98% of the functionality of the desktop site.

Securely order from the Voile mobile site, quickly connect to our online dealer mobile sites, login to your account for ordering, review specs, view PDF instructions, comment via social media links.