Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Glen Plake a Parrothead?

He does have the biggest hair in the ski world, but we think he just has an appreciation for a fine performance backcountry ski. Photo by Jarl Berg of Berg's Ski Shop in Eugene, Oregon. Jarl is saving the other custom "Buffett" graphic Voile Insane ski for Mr. Jimmy Buffet's autograph.


Cowboy said...

Looks like Glen Plake can't even get this "blogcountry" going.

Jarl Berg? Are you guys talking about backcountry or some sort of cheese?!!

Better get some newer topics here. How about one covering the "Asylum". That's right, the ski that'll give the Voile 195 swallow tail snowboard a run for its money!! No screwing around!! I see people walking DOWNHILL on the deep days as I float past them. They need a bigger ski. When I obtain a pair of the Asylums maybe I'll consider skiing on the deepest days. Even the Insane doesn't cut it. However, after going Insane, where else would you go beside the Asylum.

Bring it on boys!!

Brett Kobernik
Utah Avalanche Center

Berg's Ski and Snowboard Shop said...

Jarl Berg(that's me ;-)) is a person silly. Jarlsberg is a cheese from Norway...I am just a guy who happens to have tons of family in Norway. Tons of fun having Plake at the shop and it was really great to see how long he looked at the skis wanting to figure them out and the bindings as well. I love my Insanes even though it kills me to ski em...but how can I not? Thanks guys for making such great products!!! Cheers! Jarl Berg(means King of the Mountain)