Wednesday, December 17, 2008

7 million vertical feet on the Voile Insane and Switchback

Recently we received back a pair of test Voile Insane skis and Switchback telemark bindings from Rainer Hertrich. It seems Rainer skied a few vertical feet on our set-up: a mere 7 million vertical feet.

Amazingly Rainer Hertrich has followed the snow and skied EVERY day for the last 5 years=1825 consecutive days. Please link to article.

We looked over the Voile Insanes and Switchbacks, gave them a tune-up, and sent em back out to Rainer to see if he can get another 7 million vert.

Thanks Rainer for letting Voile be a part of your record breaking ski odyssey!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

5th Annual ScrubFest, Wyoming's Finest Backcountry Festival

Thanks to our sponsors: VOILE-USA, Spark R & D,, Leeward Cinema,, Blacksmith Productions

All people showing up must have transcievors, probes, shovels. This event is not a guided excursion and everyone who participates does so at their own risk! On the other hand, local knowledge/avalanche advisories will be available. All participants will be asked to sign a liability waiver prior to arrival. Fees cover lodging and entertainment expenses only, not guiding.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Voile Holy Grail Contest Winners

Thanks everyone for all your great comments and support. We have chosen 2 winners, one randomly, and one based on the eloquence of their prose.

First, chosen randomly, congrats to: said...
I would like them...
October 3, 2008 10:49 AM

And great writing by:

Eric Supancic said...
An evil empire run by unscrupulous vikings, and media outlets that seem to be controlled by this evil empire, want you to believe that a "Holy Grail" of telemark bindings exists. Real Telemarkers know the truth....the "Holy Grail" is not a physical object, but the bloodline of Voile, our saviors of modern telemark. For decades, these evil Birkebeiners persecuted the Voile family for producing reliable, lightweight, simple, and inexpensive telemark bindings and equipment. The Voile family found sanctuary in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah where they developed superior equipment for the modern telemarker. Even today, Voile continues it's innovation by hand crafting superior bindings, skis, and other equipment like shovels and probes - right here in the USA. Telemarkers need not venture out on piste crusades in search of a myth propagated by the Evil Empire....they simply need to get some Voile Switchback or SX telemark bindings and ski today!
August 25, 2008 9:43 AM

Holy Grail telemark binding, will it be a reality or a myth?

Win a pair of Voile Switchback or Voile SX telemark bindings.
To enter leave a comment. Winners announced above. Contest complete.

This Voile advertisement will display in the Sept. 2008 Gear Guide issue of Backcountry Magazine. Click the Blogcountry link and leave your comment related to the statement in this ad. View PDF copy of ad.

Winner of contest will be announced Dec. 1 2008. Winners announced above.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mike Basich installing a Voile Split Kit on ESPN

Mike Basich from recently did a project for ESPN where he did a Voile Split Kit installation. We appreciate Mike's self reliance, do it yourself skills, and philosophy on backcountry travel. Great job Mike! Thanks from Voile! Check out video and link to story.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Look Back to Fall 2002.

As the Bush era draws to a close and we all chose our next president today, we look back at the ad campaign we ran in the Fall of 2002. The "Duct Tape" ad was the one that stood out among all the ads in the campaign. It sparked a remarkable amount of debate with some positive editorial commentary as well as some ruthless hate mail.

It should be noted that Voile was only trying to make light of Mr. Bush's public speaking abilities. We certainly sold a lot more Voile Straps after running that ad. Thankfully, we all live in a society that you can freely express your views no matter if from the left or the right. We want to thank everyone for standing in long voting lines today. We will all be moving forward in a new positive direction no matter the result of this election. Godspeed.

Download Entire Voile 2002 Ad Campaign

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Voile's new backcountry snow saw includes a shovel.

If you want a backcountry saw, please consider the new Voile T6 Tech avalanche shovel. An improvement over our previous design, the T6 Tech is a more pack friendly, lightweight, and easier to use avalanche shovel and snow saw combination.

The T6 Tech conveniently stows a 14"/36cm snow saw blade and the saw is easily attached to the end of the shaft for avalanche science work and winter shelter building. The T6 Tech is also sold with your toughest professional avalanche scoop the T6.

For the price of some other brand's backcountry saw, get the professional grade Voile T6 Tech shovel/saw combination.

Check it out here!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Voile's backyard: Wasatch Snow!

Well, it may not last, but enough to get the stoke going. Hiked from White Pine trailhead to Maybird drainage to get a look at the Pfeifferhorn, a majestic Wasatch peak.

Pfeifferhorn(Little Matterhorn), Lone Peak Wilderness, Wasatch Mountains, Utah.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Splitboarding Gannett Peak

Story by Jeramie Prine
Photos: Steve Romeo/Jeramie Prine

With the upcoming ski season closely approaching, my thoughts flash back to stellar days spent in the backcountry with friends and family. A trip I daydream about often was a week-long journey spent in the Wind River mountain range to ski Wyoming's highest summit, Gannett Peak, this last June with skiers Steve Romeo, and brothers Chris and Tim Weydeveld.

This trip was a true test of the "Simple. Solid. Backcountry." motto for my gear. Over 30 miles were spent skinning with heavy packs, an unruly amount of transitioning took place on patchy snow in the Dinwoody drainage, and variable snow conditions were etched upon during the descent. All ingredients for a perfect trip.

Steve Romeo skins out of Ink Wells with Gannett Peak in view:
Being the lone splitboarder in the group, I knew that my Voile SD Mojo would have to hold up to the heavy use and abuse the Wind Rivers would throw at it. There would be no friends to bum spare parts from in a desperate situation far from civilization. I was confident never being let down in "the field" before riding different models of Voile's split-decision. Our only concerns were focused on weather, snow, and the glacier's conditions since we left our ropes at home due to a big snow year.

Tim, Jeramie, & Chris enjoying a June day in the Wind River Mountains at basecamp:After a day and a half of slogging, our basecamp was set. Thoughts of lighter packs filled our heads as we crashed in our sleeping bags early in preparation for next morning's climb. 2:45 came quick with howling winds and a clear star-filled sky. Content with lighter loads and consistent snow for skinning and booting, we quickly made our way up to Gooseneck glacier and to the base of Gooseneck Pinnacle just below the summit ridge of Gannett peak.

Tim and Jeramie climb Gooseneck glacier with Gannett Peak summit in the clouds:

The winds grew stronger and pushed a strange storm system in covering the summit of the mountain. Thoughts of retreat entered our minds. Below the Gooseneck Pinnacle with a brief discussion, we decided to push on despite lack of visibility. As we climbed further, the clouds let up slightly and we soon found ourselves on the top of Wyoming. Temperatures neared zero and we wasted little time switching over to enjoy the reward of the down.

View of the Gooseneck Pinnacle & route from the summit ridge:

A fine day of splitboarding on Wyoming's highest peak:
On a long trip and big climbs like this the Mojo is durable, yet light with new cap construction, aspen core, and carbon fiber. Light is nice on the up, but this board IS "all about the down" without any sacrifice in powder, on ice, or in between. Hoots and hollers penetrated through gusts of wind as each of us found our lines down the mountain. Now I know what it all really means to live the "Simple. Solid. Backcountry." way of life.

Jeramie enjoying his ride:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Do you know where your skis are made?

Voile Insane and Asylum skis made in Salt Lake City, Utah USA

It may be 95 degrees in Salt Lake City, but Voile is very busy with the production of our skis and splitboards. Just want you to know that we are handcrafting your new Voile Insane and Voile Asylum skis and they will be ready at the end of the summer!

Made from sustainably grown aspen lumber, the Asylum wood cores in process.

All waste product from the ski wood core production is recycled into an organic mulch for landscaping materials.

Learn More...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Voile Paper Waste Reduction Act.

Win $2500 in Voile gear.

When shopping at any of our fine Voile Dealers, look for this tag on all Voile products. It contains details on how (with the help of our website) to win $2500 in Voile gear.

You see we are encouraging you to use our website instead of paper catalogs. Voile is no longer printing a product catalog in order to prevent a ton of paper waste. Our market research indicates most folks are using the web to do their product research before buying and would prefer not to have a large pile of catalogs that eventually end up in the trash.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Voile avalanche shovels - Made in USA

Voile avalanche shovels - Made in USA

While much of USA manufacturing has gone to Asia, Voile continues to make high quality gear for backcountry skiing and snowboarding right here in Salt Lake City, Utah USA.

Recently after manufacturing over 1 million shovels we have retired our old shovel tooling and have precisely machined all new tooling for our shovel production. Shown here are the A and B side of the tool that forms the Voile shovel scoop. It takes a 100 ton punch press to operate this tool and make a cleanly formed Voile scoop.

While these beautiful tools were precisely CNC machined from a solid block of tool steel, the original Voile shovel tool was made in 1981 in a now defunct Salt Lake foundry where molten tool steel was poured into a sand mold. Voile - Made in USA.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No hidden agenda here.

Inside the Voile SD Mojo splitboard

The inside of the Voile SD Mojo splitboard. Our choice of materials are of the highest quality and each Mojo deck is handcrafted in our own facility in Salt Lake City, Utah USA.

Learn More...

Our vertically laminated aspen wood cores are made by Voile here in Salt Lake City, Utah USA. We buy and use only high quality sustainably grown aspen lumber. We do not use finger joints in our core. The vertical laminates extended full length from tip to tail.

Voile’s Triaxial Carbon Fiberglass composite(fabric direction +45,-45,0,0 - carbon fiber) has 12 -6mm wide carbon fiber strips covering the entire width of each board half. This glass is used on top and bottom of each full tip to tail wood core. Our unique composite produces a lightweight, ultra durable, torsionally stable, and highly responsive splitboard. It is also important to note that our unique composite is a very expensive choice, but results in much less weight and more durability than some other composite choices.

Our finished splitboard decks are bonded and built so well, you will experience a long lasting responsive ride for years to come.

Voile splitboard deck warranty:

Beginning with our new model the SD Mojo splitboard, we are offering a 2 year warranty on the splitboard deck against defects in materials and workmanship. The Vise Clamp Bond lamination will also cover you for 2 years against de-laminations subject to review by Voile. Voile has a reputation for exceptional customer service and we invite you to contact us with any issue. We promise to exceed your expectations.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Winner of Voile $2500 product giveaway announced today!!!

Winner is Nathan Post of Dillon, Colorado USA!!! Congratulations Nathan!!!

Thanks to all who registered online for our $2500 product giveaway!

When you purchase a Voile product at your local retailer, you will find the information below attached to all Voile products.

Thank you for using and preventing a ton of paper from going to the landfill!

When you shop your local retailer, look for this information on Voile products and enter next year's Voile $2500 product giveaway!

Voile-USA.Com and the Voile Paper Waste Reduction Act

In a strong effort to significantly reduce the potential paper waste that Voile-USA creates, we are encouraging you our valued customer to visit our website for the most current and up-to-date product information.

Along with overall efforts of our company to reduce paper waste, we have chosen not to print an end-customer product catalog and again encourage you to visit our website.

Voile-USA.Com is updated almost daily, so you will find it a most valuable resource when doing backcountry product research.

For your effort, you will have the opportunity to win $2500 in high quality Voile-USA backcountry gear.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

At Voile we are committed........ handcrafted, USA-made, backcountry skis, that allow you to maximize performance and enjoyment on both the uphill and the downhill.

The 2008-2009 Voile Insane Asylum backcountry ski line.

Learn More...

Friday, February 29, 2008

While everyone is out searching for the Holy Grail, we are making better telemark bindings. Introducing the New Voile SX telemark binding.

Based on the successful Switchback platform, the SX telemark binding simplifies the binding platform in order to address durability, weight and performance issues seen with many general-use telemark bindings in the market.
A full-wrap stainless steel toe-plate is permanently riveted to the riser platform, increasing durability and eliminating screws, anti-ice plates, and weight. The combination of the SX full-wrap stainless steel toe-plate and Voile’s time-tested Hardwire heel assembly provides a much needed performance upgrade compared some general-use telemark bindings on the market.

3 sizes available, 2 sizes for men and 1 women’s size. Weight 2 lbs,10oz/1.2kg/pr.

MSRP $159.00
Available Sept. 2008

Learn More...