Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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Inside the Voile SD Mojo splitboard

The inside of the Voile SD Mojo splitboard. Our choice of materials are of the highest quality and each Mojo deck is handcrafted in our own facility in Salt Lake City, Utah USA.

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Our vertically laminated aspen wood cores are made by Voile here in Salt Lake City, Utah USA. We buy and use only high quality sustainably grown aspen lumber. We do not use finger joints in our core. The vertical laminates extended full length from tip to tail.

Voile’s Triaxial Carbon Fiberglass composite(fabric direction +45,-45,0,0 - carbon fiber) has 12 -6mm wide carbon fiber strips covering the entire width of each board half. This glass is used on top and bottom of each full tip to tail wood core. Our unique composite produces a lightweight, ultra durable, torsionally stable, and highly responsive splitboard. It is also important to note that our unique composite is a very expensive choice, but results in much less weight and more durability than some other composite choices.

Our finished splitboard decks are bonded and built so well, you will experience a long lasting responsive ride for years to come.

Voile splitboard deck warranty:

Beginning with our new model the SD Mojo splitboard, we are offering a 2 year warranty on the splitboard deck against defects in materials and workmanship. The Vise Clamp Bond lamination will also cover you for 2 years against de-laminations subject to review by Voile. Voile has a reputation for exceptional customer service and we invite you to contact us with any issue. We promise to exceed your expectations.

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