Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Voile Paper Waste Reduction Act.

Win $2500 in Voile gear.

When shopping at any of our fine Voile Dealers, look for this tag on all Voile products. It contains details on how (with the help of our website) to win $2500 in Voile gear.

You see we are encouraging you to use our website instead of paper catalogs. Voile is no longer printing a product catalog in order to prevent a ton of paper waste. Our market research indicates most folks are using the web to do their product research before buying and would prefer not to have a large pile of catalogs that eventually end up in the trash.


Anonymous said...

this is great!

Joe said...

I saw the tag at salty peaks today while checking out there stash of split boards.

I like the idea you have going here, I hope it catches on in the industry!