Wednesday, December 17, 2008

7 million vertical feet on the Voile Insane and Switchback

Recently we received back a pair of test Voile Insane skis and Switchback telemark bindings from Rainer Hertrich. It seems Rainer skied a few vertical feet on our set-up: a mere 7 million vertical feet.

Amazingly Rainer Hertrich has followed the snow and skied EVERY day for the last 5 years=1825 consecutive days. Please link to article.

We looked over the Voile Insanes and Switchbacks, gave them a tune-up, and sent em back out to Rainer to see if he can get another 7 million vert.

Thanks Rainer for letting Voile be a part of your record breaking ski odyssey!


Colorado Telemarker said...

Wow, 7 million vert on one pair of skis and bindings! That is amazing. My skis seem to last only half a season before they are shot through with holes from all the riding...

Marley said...

Had the great honor of skiing a 1/2 day with this fellow on Jan. 28th 2009. It was a wicked cold day with -30 wind chill and the top of Copper closed. Could see nothing off of B lift. It was hard to follow Rainer because no sooner than he offs the lift...he fades into the snow. I have no doubt he can ski Copper in a total white out just by feeling his way as he telewhacks along. Go Rainer and thanks for waiting for me.