Friday, October 16, 2009

Tech Update! Voile Slider Track for splitboard improved.

To increase the durability of the Voile Slider Track, we have added material to the stop tab at the back of the Slider Track. This will prevent any long term wear, as it bears the full weight of the user in each step they take while skinning uphill. The stop tab also performs the function of providing a stop and precise fit of the Slider Track when sliding over the adjustable pucks for the ride mode of the splitboard.

Above shows how the Voile Slider Track stop tab fits into the Voile Heel Pad of the splitboard.
This improvement is available on all Voile Slider Tracks produced for this season.

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Jarrett said...

I have another suggestion. I use Bomber Bindings. They require an additional adapter plate that adds a LOT of weight. The plates must have been a patent issue with bolt patterns or something. Is it possible to get a plate set that is not drilled out with the holes?