Friday, September 17, 2010

Voile Mojo RX spliboard and Voile Light Rail splitboard specific binding win Backcountry Magazine's Editor's Choice Award.

Sold as a complete package, the Voile Mojo RX/Light Rail package includes Voile Mojo RX splitboard deck, Voile Light Rail splitboard specific binding, Voile splitboard hardware, and Voile splitboard climbing skins.

Voile Mojo RX splitboard and Voile Light Rail splitboard specific binding - Both a Backcountry Magazine 2011 Gear Guide Editors' Choice!

New shape, new profile, a prescription for your powder flu!

The Voile Mojo RX splitboard is an all-mountain ripper that keeps the best of the original Mojo, but adds the powder friendly benefits of a rockered nose and more tapered tail.

Camber and snappy tail are maintained to make the new Voile Mojo RX splitboard a go to deck for serious backcountry riders.

Also includes new updates to the splitboard hardware: Lighter touring brackets, durable plastic coated climbing wires, and a new binding support shim for better uphill skinning.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Voile Charger Backcountry skis win Backcountry Magazine's 2011 Editor's Choice

In 2010 Voile introduced the award winning Voile Drifter ski design, providing skiers with a whole new skiing experience.

Now you can get that same experience in a slimmer, more nimble package.

Introducing Voile Charger skis, a Backcountry Magazines' 2011 Editors' Choice.

From Backcountry Magazine 2011 Gear Guide:

Sharing the same heavily rockered tip, lightweight aspen core construction, and powder surfing instincts as its big brother, the Drifter, the new Charger has a slimmer, more skintrack friendly shape. Though charged up by its agility and smearability, some testers received too much of a jolt in mixed and firm conditions. Low marks on hardpack and in chunder, however, were tempered by accolades for energy, playfulness, stability, and versatility in powder. Testers raved, saying it was "love at first smear," "totally stable in the trees" and a "powder technician."

+ "Run as fast as you want, then dump speed on a dime. FUN bc powder ski."

- "Like a butter knife, these don't cut, they prefer to smear."

= A powder-eating, super-charged touring board that's also a great value.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Voile Split Kit - DIY Saw Your Old Board Kit Improved!

Voile is now shipping our nicely updated and improved do it yourself Voile Split Kit.

Improvements include completely new Voile Split Kit Puck with 2-hole secure t-nut mounting, lighter Voile touring brackets, more durable rear tabs on the Voile Slider Track, new binding support riser for easier uphill skinning and side-hilling, and new durable plastic coated climbing wires.